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of US women experience sexual harassment
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Of US men experience sexual harassment
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total tweets that included #MeToo in year 1
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Facebook posts that included "MeToo" in year 1

where #metoo and georgetown intersect

With the explosion of the #MeToo discussion on Twitter, Georgetown University’s faculty and students at the Massive Data Institute (MDI) and the Gender+Justice Initiative (GJI) come together to offer an account of the types of conversations taking place under the hashtag, and begin to analyze what the data suggest so far.

At the one year anniversary of the surge of MeToo Movement, some of our early findings reveal that #MeToo tweets  numbered more than 12 million. Within these tweets, the most associated hashtags with #MeToo include #TimesUp, #WithYou, and #Resist. 

Over 100 occupations are mentioned at least 100 times; these professions are within the blue-collar and white-collar industries, including higher education.

The most prevalent topics associated with the #MeToo movement include:

  • Movement + Activism
  • Sexual Abuse and Assault 
  • Harassment and Sexual Misconduct
  • Politics 
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On Sexual Harassment

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On Tweets

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On Facebook posts
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